Perfect Cig feeling !


Powerful, compact, stylish and elegant


Cartomizer provided with childproof closure. 0.6ml with 1.2Ω coil in Ni80.


Zeep Mini can be used with plastic drip tip or cotton filter.


Small and thin, Zeep Mini is equipped with a 90 mAh battery.


Zeep Mini PCC is provided with 3 LEDs indicating the charge status of its integrated battery.
The Z-shaped LEDs instead, indicate the charge status of Zeep Mini device.


Zeep mini is available in dark grey and champagne colors.


Zeep Mini PCC is equipped with a 1500 mAh battery, allowing to recharge your device more times during the day.




The perfect couple.

Vaping without worries to recharge your Zeep Mini.

Zeep Mini power bank is a practical case allowing to carry your devices while recharging them, without risking any damage from bumps.

You can house 2x Zeep Mini and 2x drip tips inside the power bank.

Pratical and elegant Power Bank.

Its integrated structure in anodized aluminium contains a 1500 mAh-3.7V battery.

The USB-C port provides an easy and fast recharge.

Elegance in your hand!

Light and powerful

Two trendy colors, making this device so attractive.

Designed for modern women and modern men, who love themselves without losing the chance of making a gesture of self-esteem.

Zeep Mini cartomizer

0.6ml capacity and 1.2Ω coil in Ni80.

Childproof opening system compliant with TPD regulation, allowing an easy and safe refill.



Unscrew the ZEEP MINI cartomizer through childproof upper opening.




Refill the ZEEP MINI cartomizer with liquid for electronic cigarettes.



Close back the ZEEP MINI cartomizer through its Childproof closing system, then screw it back on the exclusive connector of ZEEP MINI battery.



Insert the drip tip into the provided upper housing of the cartomizer.

Elegance, functionality and high technology

A “prêt-à-porter” device, ideal for any situation and demand.

A stylish PCC, an integrated structure in anodized aluminium containing a 1500mAh – 3.7V battery, which circuits are constantly controlled by a PCC microprocessor.

Recharging your ZEEP MINI is quite simple. You just have to insert it into the PCC, and job done !
The PCC will recharge the device only if necessary, and your ZEEP MINI will always donate you the best performance.

Elegange right at hand!

Grey ? Champagne ? Choose your style !


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